12/4/13 – AM Row Intervals + PM Training

Row 1k @Z1
Row 500 m in 1:37
rest walk 3:00
x 12

(rest 6 min b/t sets 6,7)

Done. Long session. Pretty tired today. All sets between 1:37.4-1:37.8

Took a while to get moving before this session. Pretty tired.
A. Emom – snatch – build to a solid speed single (add small per set)
260#, 5# jumps starting at 185#

Felt great. Had a good long warmup. Took my time and feeling good. This wasn’t close to a 1RM feeling. Just worked until I felt I was REALLY have to dig for the lift. They all felt great. That’s a lot of snatching too.
B. Segmented snatch DL; 2-3 x 4; rest 2 min
235, 255, 275, 295
These felt good. Great tech work.
C. Chin up; 25,25,25,25; rest as needed (unbroken sets)
Total time 5:07,
rest b/t sets was 1:30, :60. 1:15
These felt awesome!
PS (155#)
Burpee MUp
3:31, Snatches UB
Felt pretty good. I was just about dog tired by this point. My grip and hands were killing me, but it’s just 30 reps. Fun to go fast. Still need to speed up BMU’s. Lots of room for improvement.

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  1. What does @Z1 mean? Will this zone be different for each individual, and if so how do you determine what Z1 is?