1/9/17 – 1/17/17 – Training/Wodapalooza



A. Squat snatch x1/hang squat sntch x1/OHS x1 – 1 complex on the min 

for 12 min @135# working technique and positions – Spent a while tinkering with left shoulder working some PAILS/RAILS & SA DB OHS. By the end of it, snatches felt amazing and sharp.


Row 1k @3:20-3:30 pace

30 DB thrusters 40# – Row felt good, DB thrusters unbroken. Shoulders were lit afterwards.

rest 5 min actively

Assault bike 3 min @325 watts

30 DB power snatch 70# (alt’ing) – A/B was moderately easy, DB snatches were aggressive pace and good breathing.

rest 5 min actively

Row 1k @3:20-3:30 pace

60 wall balls – Row was a little harder, but not terrible. Went 30/30 on wallballs. Was feeling spicy after that one.

rest 5 min actively

Assault bike 3 min @325 watts

40 single arm OHS (35#, switch arms after ten reps) –A/B Felt strong, SA OHS burned like crazy because of fast turnover.


mobility work 20-30 min – Hips 90/90 PAILS/RAILS

PM (same session as Kyle Spears if you want to jump in with him)

Assault bike 10 min @300 watts

Row 10 min @1:55

Ski erg 10 min @1:55

Watt bike 10 min @225 watts – All of these felt great and were a good sweat but the pace on the ski was tough for me to hold after the row. I ended staying mostly around 2:00-2:02 based on upper body fatigue.


A1. Single leg RDL; 8-10×3; rest 1 min

A2. Back and foot elevated hip thrust; 6 reps x3/side; rest 1 min

A3. Single leg sorensen hold; 20 seconds x3/side; rest 1 min

A4. Goblet squats @3030; 8 reps x3; rest 1 min

A5. Reverse hyper bent knee straddle hold; 20 seconds x3; rest 1 min – This complex felt good. Great day of training.


self directed mobility work 20-30 min



A. Single arm strict press; 6-8×3/side; rest 1 min bw sides – 50, 60, 70# DB’s. Felt strong. 8 reps each arm, but it was a battle. Left felt side weaker than right.

B. Strict muscle ups; accumulate 15 reps not for time – Spent a good 15 minutes warming up false grip and it paid off. These felt great for not having touched them in possibly months.

C. Parallete hspu; accumulate 20 reps not for time – Done. Sets of 2 & 3 working strong kip and practicing kicking up with opposite legs. I think they are around 12″. Felt super deep.


EMOM 12 min:

Odd- 5 muscle ups

Even- 10 strict hspu – Done. All sets unbroken. HSPU’s got tough. MU’s felt easy.


EMOM 12 min:

Odd- 10 CTB pull ups

Even- 10 kipping hspu – Done. No issues.


EMOM 12 min:

Odd- 20 sec max TTB

Even- 20 sec max distance hs walk – Around 12 TTB each set at a moderate pace, around 30′ each set for HS walk. Kinda slow and rusty. Great practice under upper body fatigue.


D1. Parallete shoot throughs; 5 reps x3; rest as needed

D2. HAnging scap circles; 5 slow controlled reps x3; rest as needed

D3. Tuck front lever; 20 sec x3; rest as needed

D4. Standing shoulder extension stretch; 20 sec + 10 sec end range

lift off x3; rest as needed – I liked this complex. Shoulder felt good afterwards.

PM – Short on time to do this today.

Ski erg 1k @1:45-1:50 pace

rest 3 min

x2 – This was kinda rough. Not sure if it was because I did it after the long chipper or not. But it was all local for me. Lats/triceps/even pecs were blown up. It was great practice though. Holding 1:50 was tough.


Ski erg 10 min easy


(same ‘mobility’ session as Kyle S)

A1. KB arm bar; 3 slow controlled reps x3; rest as needed

A2. 2.5# weighted shoulder CAR; 2 reps in both directions x3; rest as needed

A3. Standing fold over plate shoulder extension; 3 reps w/ 5 sec hold

x3; rest as needed

A4. Bent over lateral raises with long retracted nex; 10 reps w/ 2 sec

pause on each rep x3; rest as needed Did this complex in between the long chipper & my ski erg intervals. Felt really good.


self directed mobility work



For time:

50 power clean 185#

50 no push up burpee box jump overs

50 cals assault bike

50 front rack walking lunge 2pood KB’s – 18:57, PC singles too about 5 min, tried for 10 on the min, BBJ’s gave me lumbar blow up pretty bad. Tried to just keep grinding. Those were probably the slowest. A/B Was about 4:00, pace increased as my back settled down. KB walking lunges was 12,12,12,14. Not bad. Over all tough, but fun workout.  


mobility work 20-30 min


True form 2 mile run for time No time this week. But I ran for 5 minutes at the end of the session to get some work in.


mobility work 30-45 min


Miami – Peak 360

Hopped in a team workout with Kyle Spears vs Max & Brannon.

Teams of 2 for time:
100 Cal Row
100 DL – 185#
100 S2O – 185#
100 Bar Facing Burpees

Took Kyle and I around 15:40, got pretty rough at the end. 15-20 cal each on the row, then 10’s on DL’s, I did 10 then 7’s on S2O, then just attacked BFB’s until the end doing fast sets of 5. Tough workout. 


W/ Kyle Spears in the hotel

5 sets:
Run 200m @ tough effort
10 Burpee DB To Overhead – 40# DB’s
20 Sit-Ups on a weird little half roman chair situp thing.
Rest while partner completes round

This was fun and actually pretty tough. 


EMOM x 10:
Min 1 – 30 sec Run @ Tough Effort
Min 2 – 12 DB Thrusters 45#
EMOM x 10:
Min 1 – 30 sec Run @ Tough Effort
Min 2 – 15 DB Deadlifts – 50#

This was hard. Really heavy breathing. PERFECT training. The movements were hard enough to  keep the run really hard.

For time:
DB Hang Squat Cleans – 45#
DB Push Press – 50#

Around 9:00, All movements unbroken, but this got really hard as well. Great training today during the competition. 

Jan-15/16 – Off


Long warmup with some handstand practice. Crazy how much handstands feel after a good wrist warmup. 


EMOM x 12:
Min 1 – 3 Front Squat -315
Min 2 – 7 DL – 365#
EMOM x 12:
Min 1 – 8 PS – 95#
Min 2 – 40 DU’s
EMOM x 12:
Min 1 – 12 wallball
Min 2 – 10 KB snatch 2pd

All felt great today. Was good to move and sweat for a bit. Left adductor feels a little tight from the front squats.