2/20/19 – 2/23/19 – Open Taper



A. Squat clean; 3 reps on the min for 5 min @245 – Done. Felt super tight and stiff today.

B. DB tech work 20 min (DB thrusters, two arm ground to OH, Db step

overs, DB burpees to OH, DB hang squat cleans, DB power snatch) – A good mix of everything.


3 rounds for time:

20 wall balls

10 burpee box jumps 24″
3:26, felt fast. BBJ’s were quick.


shoudler mobility and positional work 20-30 min (CARs, planks,

shoulder extension planks, band pull aparts, face pulls)


Ski erg sprint 15 seconds @100%

rest 1:45



Row 15 min easy

Assault bike 15 min easy


mobility work 20-30 min

Done. Great sessions. Mind is feeling rested. Body will catch up. Just feels stiff at the moment.



Active recovery swim work 45-60 min

Done. Felt great. Swam with Brandi, Travis, & Ben. We practiced damn near everything and had some fun. Mainly trying to sprint butterfly. 


A. Strict press; build to a max – 225#, missed 230.

B. Strict hspu; amrap unbroken x3; rest 2 min – 31, 20, 12

C. Muscle ups; 4 on the min for 5 min – Done. These felt really good.

D. CTB; 48 AFAP in sets of 12 unbroken – 1:09, Last set was a little slower. I lost butterfly on last few reps of last 2 sets and had to kip it out. My grip outlasts my lats/biceps & kipping ability.

E. HS walk 10 min tech work – Just played for a bit. Good session.


mobility work 20-30 min



A. Clean pulls; 2×2; rest 2 min – 355, 385, felt kinda heavy.

B. Front squat; 3×3; rest 90 sec (80-90% effort) – 315,325,335 felt pretty strong.


For time:

20 thrusters 135#

20 cals assault bike – :51 seconds. thrusters in a bout :31, Bike I pegged it as hard as I could and just help on.


C1. Single leg Sorenson holds; 20 seconds x4; rest 40 sec

C2. Barbell hip thrusts; 12-15×4; rest 1 min

C3. Horse stance hold; 20 seconds x4; rest 1 min

C4. Sissy squats; 3 slow controlled reps x4; rest 1 min

All done. Loved this session. Felt really good. Especially the hip work.


skill work 45-60 min on anything you want to get some final touches on

before the open (squat snatch, DB squat snatch, DB cleans, etc)


locomotion work 15-20 min